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                Kaylin Brassfield

2016 Youth Of The Year

Favorites:  Cheerleading  Reading  Music

Hobbies:  Smiles Movies

Favorite Book: 

Favorite Movie: 

Kaylin is an 8th grader and is a proud member of the Yellow Jacket

Cheerleading squad among many other great things. She is a hard

worker and has a strong message against bullying.  Kaylin has been

a long time member of the Club and has great grades in school.

This is her first time to be Youth of the Year and we can only expect

great things from her in the future.




This is the story of Jonathan. He has been with the Club for many years.  At many points in his life he has overcome obstacles that cannot be shared on this website.  He made sure to come to the Club and be a part of something positive in his life.  Through great progress and help from many, including those on our board and staff, Jonathan has made the varsity football team and the smile on his face from this video was not so apparent a few years ago. Please watch and celebrate as our staff member gives him a surprise he did not expect!  Good things come to those who give it and those who work for it.


Our 2016 Youth Of The Year is fast approaching.  This year we will have both a Youth of The Year and a Teen Of The Year! Our Club kids are developing skills that will help them reach their full potential and become important parts of the community! To nominate a Youth or Teen of the Year email Kristen @

This will be an exciting year as winners have the chance to participate in regional and state levels.